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“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.” – David Bowie

There are those who are satisfied with existing. Then there are those who look up and reach out towards the stars and stop at nothing until they catch hold. We are dreamers, creators and so much more working diligently to help grow our industry and look after each other in our field. We strive to provide the best service possible with the best talent available from rookies to pros. We strive to give everyone a fair shot at their dreams to be a Star! StarMan Studios was founded by creators for creators. Tackling any project and adding that special sprinkle of stardust, we deliver products that not only surpass client expectations, but set the bar that we always aim to shoot past.


What sets us apart from the competition?

Education. Quality. Fun. Old fashioned work ethic with modern sensibility. These are a few of the many beliefs that we hold close to us. Like the billions of stars in the vastness of space, we never stop moving forward in this ever growing industry. We provide both local and international businesses high quality products with a sense of creativity and high standards in mind.


Our story.

With a single idea and the desire for more, a crew of voice actors were brought together around a single ADR project and created something that would evolve into a flourishing business that delves into many aspects in the entertainment industry. When we opened our doors, it was just a one room suite with a small recording booth tucked away in the corner. We had no idea we were going to grow into so much more in such a short amount of time. Over the course of 4 months, we had to expand and hire on a full team of audio engineers and directors. The decision was made that we wanted to be different from every other business. A company that would support our staff so that they felt supported and comfortable. A company that would take time to make sure that the talent of every project would be the right one. A company that would support the creative and give them a platform to create what they love. We put our hearts into everything we do, and it has led to unprecedented growth. Our passionate staff and industry standard recording setups combined to make projects both high-quality and efficient to boot. We like to do business with an old-fashioned touch combined with a modern approach. We are the underdogs; the real go-getters and love being able to show our ability in any setting. StarMan Studios, LLC is founded and maintained by a passionate and imaginative community of entertainment industry professionals.


Hey there!

Welcome to StarMan Studios! We are a Dallas/Fort Worth-based voice-over recording facility for your audio production needs. We offer full-service production including ADR and prelay recording for video games, animation, commercial content, and all other mediums. Additionally, we offer educational training with established industry professionals, demo production, and more!