From script to screen, audio production is a very broad spectrum. Starman is able to schedule studio time to organized Pro Tools session files, and the final delivery of the product. With studio-based audio production, the entire process starts with booking studio time, choosing mics, recording, mixing, mastering, and then distribution. In post production workflows for television and film, there is the initial filming, booking studios, foley, sound effects and ADR, musical scoring, final dubs and then distribution. We are a fully capable audio/video production studio that can bring that 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 surround sound capability to your project.

Sound Design

Sound creates a unique atmosphere, entices emotion, awakens memories, and sets the important tone in a story. Our creative audio team has over a decade of combined experience in sound design for films, video games, commercial work and more. We also house a massive library of SFX and production music tracks offering a vast amount of options for sound design and music editing.

Music Composition

We can provide electronic production and even score your project to provide you a truly custom sound for whatever you’re looking for.


Have a project that needs to be mastered? We can do that for you! Our post department is highly qualified to make your project shine like a star in the sky.

Demo Reel Creation

Are you a voice actor needing a professional demo reel? Check out our Demo Reel Creation page to see some examples of our work and learn how demo reels are created here at Starman Studios. If you need a demo reel to turn in for a project, we can fix one up for you in a jiffy!